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Become a  Friend of the Vine

Your generous contribution helps fund the design, planting and maintenance of the Interpretive Grape Garden, as well as associated educational and cultural programs that reach all Angelenos. As a site-specific, public-memory installation, the Interpretive Grape Garden will help today's and future generations of Los Angeles youth better understand the origins of the city they live in so that they can imagine a greener, more equitable and more livable Los Angeles. Your contributions will also help fund the expansion of the Willowbrook Vineyard and the establishment of other vineyards in other parts of town, so that more people can participate in the joy of growing their own grapes and making their own wine, as we all learn, one grape at a time, what it means to be Angeleno.

Help us Plant the
Interpretive Grape Garden


Become a Friend of the Vine and help keep this part of L.A. history alive. Your donations help fund a variety of activities, from harvest festivals to pruning parties and spring bud breaks. Hikes around the city to see where wild grapes still grow will be organized, and we are developing a virtual walking tour through the vine-covered Vignes walkway.

An Interpretive Drumming program, inspired by the early practice of beating drums to prevent birds and animals from eating the grapes, is also currently being developed.


Help Us Plant the Vine

Your donation is always appreciated.

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